The Off The Hop Rope Podcast

“Lollipop Forest” and Angle vs Mysterio

August 15, 2019

We are back this week with a special guest as we are also pairing Deciduous ( @deciduousbeer )'s "Double Lollipop Forest" with Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio from Summerslam 2002. Not only that, but we are joined by FRIEND OF THE SHOW, Mr. C! Mr. C, a legitimate teacher, quizzes the boys and we find out who the REAL smart one of the group is! Also, we marvel at how absolutely amazing this match and time period in wrestling is, and we discover something very interesting about Nick!
If you're not in a mail truck, watch along with us! Turn to 00:00:00, and enjoy what might be the best opening match in wrestling history!
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